With the help of the Dorothy Stang Faculty Scholars Program, I am developing a Community Engagement class that will focus on four social justice issues: Elderly Care, Youth Homelessness, Human Trafficking, and Impact of War on Veterans. Not only will the students read scholarly texts written about these subjects, they will also work with facilities and affiliations that are fighting to make the world a better place for seniors, youth, women, and veterans around the NDNU community.  I hope to inform students of the serious issues that surround them as well as show them that they have the power to effect change in the world through literature, awareness, and their positive attitude.

I’m very excited that NDNU affords me the chance to bridge my literary and service interests.  I have never taught a community engagement course before and am thrilled to develop a class  that combines learning goals with service opportunities: I truly believe that classes like this can have a lasting impact on student development as well as enhance the common good of our community.  Yeah!


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