In my classes, I provide a dynamic learning experience that speak to equity, diversity and social justice.  My main objective is to engage students to form a connection between the classroom and life outside of class. In my experience, merely lecturing on writing and literature does not help a diverse student body bridge this connection; thus, I turn to bell hooks’ notion of engaged pedagogy to develop lessons that help students understand how to become socially responsible agents of change.  Because I am a first-generation Filipino, female immigrant, I inherently understand how different experiences and backgrounds can help us access knowledge in important ways.  All students must be supported differently, and since graduate school, I have designed my classes to follow the model of “Universal Design for Learning” (UDL), seeking to provide equal access to learning that does not diminish academic challenges which may come from diverse physical, racial, cultural, and economic backgrounds.  Last December, I received an ESCALA certificate in College Teaching & Learning in HSIs after completing a 27-hour leadership course on culturally responsive teaching and implementation of equity practices in the classroom.  

Classes Taught at The Nueva School

  • ENG201: Postcolonial and Decolonial Literature
  • ENG401: Reading Like Victorians
  • ENG450: The Afterlives of Othello

Courses Taught at Notre Dame de Namur

Graduate Seminar:

  • ENG4016: Narrative
  • ENG4024: Lyric
  • ENG4028: Drama
  • ENG3645: Jane Eyre as 19th c proto-feminist to 21st c demon-slayer
  • Graduate Writing Workshop

Undergraduate Courses:

  • ENG1030: Freshman Composition
  • ENG1036: Literary Engagements
  • ENG1040: Classics of World Literature Reimagined
  • ENG1041: Classics of World Literature Heroes & Antiheroes
  • ENG2008: The Bohemian Literary Magazine
  • ENG2224: Seminar on Beat Poetry
  • ENG2272: Seminar on Emily Dickinson
  • ENG2274: Seminar on Edith Wharton
  • ENG2600: Women’s Literature
  • ENG2624: Children’s Literature
  • ENG2632: Graphic Novels & Manga
  • ENG2642: History of World Cinema
  • ENG2700C: Empowered Voices
  • ENG2645: Literature & Film – Jane Eyre and Lit/Film Adaptions
  • ENG2645: Literature & Film – Victorian Monsters and their Afterlives
  • IDS1300: Mindfulness & Meditation, Freshman Seminar
  • IDS2400: Utopias, From Imagined to the Realized