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Introduction: Undisciplining the Victorian Classroom: Study, Struggle, and the Critical Work of Teaching

Refereed Journal Publications
Co-authored with Ryan D. Fong, Sophia Hsu and Adrian S. Wisnicki
Victorian Studies 64.2 (Winter 2022)

Queer temporality in Victorian love and marriage poems

Refereed Journal Publications
Pearl Chaozon Bauer and Sarah E. Kersh
Nineteenth-Century Contexts, March 2022

One More Voice

Digital Humanities Projects
Project Advisor, 2021-present
Directed by Adrian Wisnicki, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, this project focuses on recovering non-European contributors from 19th-c British and colonial archives.

Beyond Walls: Reconfiguring the Classroom for Active Learning

Refereed Journal Publications
Pearl Chaozon Bauer and Jennifer M. Murphy
Transformations: The Journal of Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy 30:2 (2021)

Undisciplining the Victorian Classroom

Digital Humanities Projects
Founding Developer, 2020-present
This project reimagines how to teach Victorian Studies through a positive, race-conscious lens, while building a community based on radical care.

Recited Verse

Digital Humanities Projects
Co-Organizer and Secretary, 2020-present
Directed by Omar Miranda, University of San Francisco, this project offers a platform for poets, scholars, educators, students, and poetry enthusiasts to create community.

Michael Field’s “New Woman” Epithalamia of Long Ago.

Refereed Journal Publications
Pearl Chaozon Bauer
The Latchkey, Winter 2018-19

Making Academia Cool: Serious Study of Sequential Art at the University

Refereed Journal Publications
Pearl Chaozon Bauer and Marc Wolterbeek
Educating through Popular Culture: “You’re Not Cool Just Because You Teach With Comics.” Eds. Edward Janak and Ludovic Sourdot. Washington, D.C.: Lexington Books, 2017

The Online Diaries of “Michael Field”

Digital Humanities Projects
Collaborator and Transcriber of Pilot Volume, 2016-present
An initiative led by Marion Thain, University College in London, this project seeks to digitize all 29 volumes of Katharine Bradley and Edith Cooper’s diary manuscripts.

“Freeing to Do Their Best”: Examining Writing in First-Year Seminars

Refereed Journal Publications
Chris Thaiss, Kara Moloney, Pearl Chaozon Bauer
Across the Disciplines Fall 2015

Churchill’s Grave: A Critical Response to Wordsworth’s Excursion.

Refereed Journal Publications
Pearl Chaozon Bauer
The Byron Journal 39:1 (2011)

An Unpublished Letter from William Wordsworth to C. H. Parry

Refereed Journal Publications
Pearl Chaozon Bauer
Notes and Queries 52: 472-473