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One More Voice

Digital Humanities Projects
Project Advisor, 2021-present
Directed by Adrian Wisnicki, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, this project focuses on recovering non-European contributors from 19th-c British and colonial archives.

Undisciplining the Victorian Classroom

Digital Humanities Projects
Founding Developer, 2020-present
This project reimagines how to teach Victorian Studies through a positive, race-conscious lens, while building a community based on radical care.

Recited Verse

Digital Humanities Projects
Co-Organizer and Secretary, 2020-present
Directed by Omar Miranda, University of San Francisco, this project offers a platform for poets, scholars, educators, students, and poetry enthusiasts to create community.

The Online Diaries of “Michael Field”

Digital Humanities Projects
Collaborator and Transcriber of Pilot Volume, 2016-present
An initiative led by Marion Thain, University College in London, this project seeks to digitize all 29 volumes of Katharine Bradley and Edith Cooper’s diary manuscripts.